LVO Tournament Results for White Scar Gravstar

Welcome to my recap of my experience as the Warhammer 40k Open Championships at the 2014 Las Vegas Open. This was my first tournament in 6th edition, and my first major tournament for Warhammer 40k. I’ve done dozen of Warhammer 40k tournaments, but nothing bigger than a Rogue Trader or a running store campaign or ‘Ard Boyz. But enough of that, on to the report! (Warning: long)

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PAX Prime 2013 review


Between PAX and personal life I’ve been very busy lately, so I’ll share my thoughts on PAX. Here is my personal PAX Prime 2013 review.


Let’s start with the big one – Titanfall. If you haven’t heard of it, get out from underneath your rock and Google it. Even though 24 consoles ran this game continually for the entirety of the convention, it had the longest lines by far. It was easily the most played/desired game at the convention – an honor Titanfall deserved.

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