1750 Eldar vs White Scars Battle Report, Competitive Tournament Preparation

Welcome to another Warhammer 40k White Scars battle report in my series of tournament preparation for the Las Vegas Open! This week, I’ll be piloting my White Scars with Tau allies against General Mawr playing Eldar/Dark Eldar Seer Council. The next mission on the list is The Relic & Big Guns Never Tire.

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Why Echowisp is too Strong

Echoing Wisp

Echowisp is one of the dominant legendaries in the current metagame. It’s seen in both Uterra rush and Nekrum\Uterra Deathweaver abuse, among many other popular decktypes. This discussion isn’t new – it’s come up before in the vein of echowisp is much too good,  sorry I leave when echowisp is played, and why are echowisps so op, just to name a few. But I think that as the meta has matured and new cards have been added (looking at you, Mr. Deathweaver), Echowisp is (and may have always been) too strong.

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1750 Daemons vs White Scars Battle Report, Competitive Tournament Preparation

Hello! Welcome to one of my battle reports prepping for the upcoming tournament season. The mission is the second mission from Las Vegas Open(LVO)’s Warhammer 40k Championships, which is The Scouring primary and Purge the Alien secondary. Lists also follow LVO rules. This time I will be leading my White Scars with Tau allies again Chaos Daemons, specifically their Screamerstar with Fateweaver list.

We get Nightfight for the first turn and we’re off!

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Best Space Marine Biker Weapon

Bike Squadron

There’s something awe-inspiring about the Warhammer 40k universe and, despite Games Workshop’s utter inability (or desire) to make a clean, fully-functioning ruleset, I keep finding myself falling back into one of my oldest hobbies, Warhammer 40k.  Between the rich, detailed history, well-crafted atmosphere & setting, and amazing models, I can’t stay away.

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Warhammer 40k General Army Building Strategy

Imperial Eagle

In Warhammer 40k, there are certain concepts that nearly every competitive list needs to implement in order to compete.  Now, I originally wrote this back in 5th edition in preparation for an ‘Ard Boyz tournament in a discussion about Warhammer 40k general army building strategy.  However, while the power lists may have changed, the core concepts behind them have not changed.  [Any comments about the changes between editions will be in brackets such as this.]

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Battlemind Brutal Barrage Build


I’ve been playing in a D&D campaign for quite some time now (2+ years) and prior to/in the beginning of that campaign, I spent a lot of time planning out my character and his progression into epic.  Of course, we started at level 1, so my character’s power level was much, much lower and all the pieces I had planned hadn’t come together.  Until now.  Here’s the build, which I feel is one of the best Battlemind Brutal Barrage builds available (not to mention the stylish title alliteration).

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Most Cost-Efficient Ascension Cards


As with many card-drafting, competitive deck-building games, Ascension places a heavy focus on maximizing your resource efficiency on every turn. This week, I will analyze the card set and identify which are the most cost-efficient Ascension cards. Note I am limiting myself to the first cycle here (Chronicle of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen.)

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PAX Prime 2013 review


Between PAX and personal life I’ve been very busy lately, so I’ll share my thoughts on PAX. Here is my personal PAX Prime 2013 review.


Let’s start with the big one – Titanfall. If you haven’t heard of it, get out from underneath your rock and Google it. Even though 24 consoles ran this game continually for the entirety of the convention, it had the longest lines by far. It was easily the most played/desired game at the convention – an honor Titanfall deserved.

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Ascension Strategy


Having been a strong fan of Ascension for over a year now, it seems like this blog is overdue for an Ascension strategy article.  This week I’ll start with some basic math about starting hands.  Note that these probabilities will still apply even with the newest base set, as the energy shard allows you to draw a card when you play it.

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