This blog is dedicated to games and the numbers that govern them.  I’ve had a lifelong passion for gaming (analog and digital), math, and statistics.  This blog represents a chance to share my enjoyment and knowledge of said topics with others.  Feel free to contribute to the discussions and suggest ideas for new topics.

An important note is that I am human (just what a Cylon would say…).  I do most of the math by hand and then check it via computer, but I expect that I make mistakes.  These are intended to be discussions, not unquestionable articles, so please correct me if you catch a mistake.

Background image used with permission from http://subtlepatterns.com/.  All other images were used with permission from their respective owners, Creative Commons licensed, or are in the public domain.  If you want to reuse an image from this blog, make sure to get permission from the original owner if there is one.

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