Battlemind Brutal Barrage Build


I’ve been playing in a D&D campaign for quite some time now (2+ years) and prior to/in the beginning of that campaign, I spent a lot of time planning out my character and his progression into epic.  Of course, we started at level 1, so my character’s power level was much, much lower and all the pieces I had planned hadn’t come together.  Until now.  Here’s the build, which I feel is one of the best Battlemind Brutal Barrage builds available (not to mention the stylish title alliteration).

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Conquest of Nerath Basic Unit Combat Math

Conquest (1)

I’ve recently gotten the chance to play Wizard of the Coast’s board game Conquest of Nerath (by Wizards of the Coast) and really enjoyed my experience.  After playing a few games, the knee-jerk reaction of many of the players was that Dragons were the superior unit, even given their cost.  Let’s see what the math has to say.

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