Risk Legacy Odds – Basic Combat Math with a Twist, Part 1

Risk Legacy

After buying Risk: Legacy (by Hasbro) a few weeks ago, I’ve finally gotten a chance to play it.  The base game itself is very simple and I was a bit disappointed at first, but the large number of changes that happen after every game (or even during the game) drastically change things.  I’m impressed enough and, more importantly, excited to play more.  Of course, now I want to see how the math works.

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Conquest of Nerath Basic Unit Combat Math

Conquest (1)

I’ve recently gotten the chance to play Wizard of the Coast’s board game Conquest of Nerath (by Wizards of the Coast) and really enjoyed my experience.  After playing a few games, the knee-jerk reaction of many of the players was that Dragons were the superior unit, even given their cost.  Let’s see what the math has to say.

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Last Stand: Dead Zone Strategy

Last Stand Dead Zone

Last Stand: Dead Zone by Con Artist Games has been a recent addiction of mine, so I’d like to provide some advice for those that are trying to maximize their performance as they level up.  Of course, most of this post is going to assume manual control of missions as in order to get XP for a mission, you need to do it manually.

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The Target Range: Borderlands 2 Weapons Damage Theory And Testing

Borderlands 2 Target Range

In short, there are two targets of this post. It will provide a shallow overview of Borderlands 2 weapon information for users who just want an introduction. It will also include more advanced number crunching and the like in separate sections.  The end goal is to get a better understanding of Borderlands 2 (by Gearbox Software)”Gun Math” to make informed decisions about weapon choices to optimize damage output.

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Savage Worlds Ace

Savage Worlds

I recently played a Warhammer 40k adaption using the Savage Worlds game system by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and they had an interesting game mechanic that I had not run into before – the Savage Worlds Ace system. I was attempting to optimize my character’s combat performance, and my knee-jerk reaction was that Trademark weapon (which provides a flat +1 bonus) was less useful than increasing the die type. However, there were two factors that I hadn’t dealt with before in RPG’s that made it an interesting challenge to optimize.

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