Dawn of Titans Advanced Tips

Welcome to Gaming By The Number’s Dawn of Titans Advanced Tips!  At this point, I’m assuming that you’ve either read the basics elsewhere, or have played enough of Dawn of Titans (or similar games) to follow along.  If you don’t understand the core mechanics of the game, I encourage you to either go play the game for a bit and get your feet wet, or watch videos/read basic guides until you’ve got a good grasp of the game.

Don’t Let Troops Drop Below 90% Health

This tip is the most crucial here and will net you the biggest improvement in your gameplay.  Now it may seem pretty obvious, but it’s easy for many players to make mistakes here.  When starting out, all troops that end a battle with less than 90% health are destroyed and must be rebuilt.  This makes Archers, and later, Grenadiers, much more valuable than any of the melee troops.  Saving hundreds (and later, thousands) of food per battle will add up quickly and let you progress much faster.  In addition, you won’t have to wait around for troops to train if none are dying.

Dawn of Titans Unak

Your New Best Friend

Pick Your Battles Carefully

This tip takes a bit of practice to understand fully, but it can be summarized as follows: make sure that you are picking the battles that give you the most resources total, including resources lost from having to rebuild your troops after the battle.

Most obviously, you should start by picking battles that drop the most resources, but it’s more complicated than just that.  Currently Dawn of Titans has a bravery mechanic, where you get extra rewards (such as scrolls and other relics) for attacking players that are a higher level than you.  Because of this bonus you should prioritize attacking higher level players.

Another crucial piece of picking your battles is to make sure to take into account your losses.  If you’re going to lose 2-3 units on a tougher battle, the small increase of resources you may gather may not be worth it.

Finally, look at the units you are going to be fighting.  Depending on the deployment, it may be very challenging to not take losses against an all-melee opponent.  Similarly, until you get Grenadiers, it can be difficult to not take losses against an Archer-heavy opponent.  Until you get Grenadiers, you should try to target opponents that have a mix of troops.  Once you get Grenadiers, you can safely target opponents that are heavy on Archers, thanks to the extra range the Grenadiers have on Archers.

Dawn Of Titans Battle Comparison

One of these fights is much easier than the other…

Level Up Your Key Buildings As Fast As Possible

You have several buildings that are crucial to your fighting prowess, and several that don’t matter.  Focus on upgrading your Castle, Army Camp, Garrison, and Armory.  Upgrade the rest of your buildings when the important buildings are finished.

Keep Your Level As Low As Possible

Remember above how we talked about attacking higher level players for bonus rewards?  Basically, avoid gaining experience as much as you can.  Unlike most other games, your level doesn’t actually help you in combat, so by keeping your level lower, you’ll have easier options to attack for bonus rewards.

Level Up Your Extra Titans

Once you’ve played for a few days, you will start to collect extra Titans.  Don’t let them just sit there!  Put them into battle, and get at least 1 per land you have plus one extra (we’ll get into why later).  When you get higher level, you will rely heavily on your Titan to carry its weight in battle, and trying to level up a level 1 Titan when you get higher level can be obnoxious.

Defend Your Lands

The game doesn’t give you a tutorial explaining this, but crucially, you can set defenses for your territory.  This includes both Titans and troops for not only your captured lands, but your garrison as well.  You should make sure that you have a Titan for each land you’ve captured, and that you put the strongest troops you can afford to defend the lands.  You will never lose these troops, even if the land is raided, so don’t skimp on them!  If necessary, you can always pull the defending troops back into your reserves and use them for battle.

Furthermore, by assigning a Titan, you will get bonus resources from the land you are defending, and this bonus is increased based on the level of the Titan.  So make sure you have a leveled Titan for each land!

Now some players will point out that a dedicated attacker will be able to defeat your defenses and take resources and that you’re just wasting your time.  They’re right, you absolutely will lose resources to a skilled player.  But the point isn’t to stop them – it’s to discourage them.  There are many, many players that either put only a weak defense or no defense at all.  By putting forth a strong defense, you encourage many players to find easier targets.

Defend Button Highlighted

Look at that level 5 titan!

Fuse Titans Of The Same Class

With your Titans, make sure that you only fuse Titans that are of the same Class.  The game rewards you with extra experience, skill slots, and relic slots for fusing Titans of the same class.  Currently this is the only way to get these extra slots.  If you lack a 3* or 4* Titan of a specific class, I would recommend holding on to the extra Titans of that class.  This will allow you to quickly level a 3*/4* Titan you get later, rather than have you stuck with a lot of resources invested in a Titan you will only use in the short term.

And those are some of the advanced tips that I’ve found so far for Dawn Of Titans.  What have you found to be important?  Are you playing Dawn of Titans?