PvZ Heroes Impfinity Deck – “Attack of the Deadly Imp”

(This is Anna, my partner’s, first post.  She’s brand new to CCG’s and excited to share what she’s learned!)

I’ve been powering through Diamond League with this killer Impfinity deck. I win 9 out of 10 matches and the only way a plant hero beats me is when I draw very bad and/or they draw incredibly lucky. And example of this would be the rare occasion I draw too many tricks and high cards, Solar Flare playing Kernel Corn at the exact right moment, or a hero like Captain Combustible or Green Shadow getting very lucky with Espresso Fiesta. Wall-Knight and Citron don’t have a prayer. All other plant heroes are going down most of the time.

The Deck

3 Bungee Plumber
4 Mini-Ninja
4 Hot Dog Imp
4 Toxic Waste Imp
2 Backyard Bounce
4 Imp Commander
2 Valkyrie
2 Cakesplosion
4 Pogo Bouncer
4 Stupid Cupid
2 The Chickening
2 Imp-Throwing Gargantuar
2 Zombot Sharktronic Sub
1 Zombot Plank Walker

The heart and soul of this deck is Toxic Waste Imp. Since nearly every zombie you will play will be an imp, this little guy makes every zombie on the board deadly. And he’s harder for some heroes to kill since he is amphibious. Always put him in the water lane. My favorite start to a game is using Impfinity’s Triple threat super power to create 2 imp clones. Then Toxic Waste Imp on turn 2. 3 deadly zombies on board is a nice start for the first 2 rounds of a game. There are many other nice scenarios, but this one is the best.

Other important cards:

Stupid Cupid

This card is double nasty when your best friend, Toxic Waste Imp is out. He gets one deadly fire at any plant on board, knocking it off by doing just one damage. Then he’s left standing there waiting to to 4 deadly damage in any lane. He’s also a hero if you’re off to a bad start. He gives one plant zero damange for a round if he’s not deadly. This was a recent weekly event card, and you can not run this deck without 4 copies of him.

Imp Commander

If you get off to a bad start, Imp Commander can come to the rescue. Try to get any imp on board to hit the plant hero and draw a full hand. Then you can fill the board during later rounds.

Pogo Bouncers

4 Pogo Bouncers are super important. If you happen to have something really nasty on the board like a Sharktronic Sub, they can move the plant out of the way allowing for massive damage.

Hot Dog Imp

Hot Dog Imp’s strike through is especially important against Shroom for two and team up lanes. He’s especially nasty when he’s deadly. Bye Bye Wall-Nuts and Water Chestnuts. I just killed you, and the plant behind you, and hit the plant hero with my deadly strike through.

Even if the plant hero keeps using tricks to kill your Toxic Waste Imp, You will still have one super hero power to turn all zombies deadly, Commander to keep you from running out of cards, and a few tricks up your sleeve when all else fails like Cakesplosion, Backyard Bounce, and the Chickening.

This is a rush Impfinity deck, but it still wins if you can’t pull out all of the early moves. You still have 2 Imp-Throwing Gargantuars (very nice when they toss deadly 1-1 imps out when your buddy, Toxic Waste is on the board), 2 Sharktronic Subs, and your 1 get out of jail free card, Zombot Plank Walker.

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