Quick Fix: Titanfall Resolution Out of Range / Black Screen

This fix is a little out of scope for the blog, but I wanted to share this fix to a frustrating issue that I haven’t seen listed as solved anywhere else.  I was running into issues when launching the game.  My computer would simply display an error message that was saying that the resolution was out of range.  Frustratingly, when I tabbed out of the game, I could see everything fine and even navigate to the resolution options where I would select windowed, but the game wouldn’t save the resolution changes.

For some reason, despite the fact that my monitor is a standard resolution, some games don’t seem to recognize it or try to launch in an incorrect resolution.  Some potential fixes suggested that you edit the command line arguments for the game to include -noborder, but unfortunately when I did this it killed the sound.  No good for a first person shooter.

Here’s what I had to do to fix the issue:

  1. Open up Windows Explorer, and navigate to “C:\users\yourusernamehere\Documents\Respawn” and open the Titanfall folder.
  2. Go into the local folder and open the file titled “videoconfig.txt”.
  3. Here, you should see values called “setting.defaultres” and “setting.defaultresheight” and set them to whatever value you wish.  You can also set fullscreen, no window mode, and several other settings.

A lot of more experienced games will probably be familiar with this fix, but I’ve noticed that many newer titles don’t include this ability to modify the resolution in a text file, so I’m a little surprised to find it here in Titanfall.  Regardless, it was a welcome surprise that allowed me to get to playing!

Hope this helped someone, and see you on the battlefield!

One thought on “Quick Fix: Titanfall Resolution Out of Range / Black Screen

  1. wow u really helped me. the default res is a little lower than my screen’s lowest res so it kept going into invalid mode and this helped me fix it

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