Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Galactic War Advanced Tips

Thanks to the improved rewards for Galactic War, I thought it’d be helpful to share my galactic war advanced tips!

Understand How Turn Meter Is Preserved

Turn meter (TM) is most crucial mechanic you must understand in order to succeed at Galactic War(GW).  At the end of every encounter, each character’s TM is preserved.  When you begin the next battle, each character will have some pre-loaded TM.  Essentially, this gives each of your characters a “head start” and you absolutely should take advantage of this.

The best way to take advantage of this mechanic is to pre-load TM on 1-3 backup teams.  Figure out your second- and third- best teams.  Then, use them on nodes 1-2 or 4-5 to get them extra TM.

Keep Track of Skills

Along with TM and protection/health, the other state that persists between GW nodes is skill cooldowns.  Pay attention when you are using powerful skills!  Don’t waste them when there are only 1-2 opponents left.  It would often be better to save these skills and have them available at the start of the next battle.

Suicide Squad (no, not the movie)

Certain teams (especially Zader/EP lead or Droid teams) have a huge initial burst, but poor basic attacks. By sending in a suicide squad of your weakest characters, you can eat up all these nasty specials.  Mix and match your suicide squad with different junk characters to try to draw out as many of these abilities as you can.  Don’t be afraid to force-close the app if you get an undesired result.  You should be careful to avoid giving the enemy team too much TM though.

Abuse the Random Seed

With a given leader, you will always get the same results taking the same actions. That means you’re going to get the same crits, same dodges, etc.  Get 0/5 stuns from your EP? That’s okay, just shift one of your basic attacks to another target.  It can sometimes be helpful to shift minor actions to non-optimal choices just to change the RNG.  If all else fails, swap your leader.

Have a Stall Squad

For a long time my “all else failed” GW team was Old Ben / Daka / RG / Lumi / Lando. Painfully slow battles, but this team could basically take on any team in the meta without losing a single character. This team took a lot of bogus actions (Old Ben basic, Lumi basic, etc).  Thanks to that I could manipulate the random seed to get maximum stuns & dodges.

And that about wraps it up for my galactic war advanced tips!  Did I miss any that you’ve found?  Which ones helped you the most?

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    • True, if you get a turn. Sometimes I’ll get stuck knowing I’m going to lose but I can’t retreat while the enemy is taking their turn.

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