LVO Tournament Results for White Scar Gravstar

Welcome to my recap of my experience as the Warhammer 40k Open Championships at the 2014 Las Vegas Open. This was my first tournament in 6th edition, and my first major tournament for Warhammer 40k. I’ve done dozen of Warhammer 40k tournaments, but nothing bigger than a Rogue Trader or a running store campaign or ‘Ard Boyz. But enough of that, on to the report! (Warning: long)

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Savage Worlds Ace

Savage Worlds

I recently played a Warhammer 40k adaption using the Savage Worlds game system┬áby the Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and they had an interesting game mechanic that I had not run into before – the Savage Worlds Ace system. I was attempting to optimize my character’s combat performance, and my knee-jerk reaction was that Trademark weapon (which provides a flat +1 bonus) was less useful than increasing the die type. However, there were two factors that I hadn’t dealt with before in RPG’s that made it an interesting challenge to optimize.

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